How to Contact Us

Officers and Office Personnel
Officers & Office Personnel Title Office Cell  
Michael B. Pfeiffer President 952-746-5450 952-292-8373 Email
Debra L. Hendrickson Vice Pres./Safety Director 952-746-5454 952-292-8443 Email
Michael H. Sand Controller 952-746-5455 952-292-8464 Email
Kent Skonseng Asst. Controller 952-746-5985   Email
Joanie Engler Receptionist 952-445-1003   Email
Kris Schulte Payroll 952-746-5452   Email
Dawn Weber Accounts Payable 952-746-5441   Email
Bob Loomis Dispatch 952-746-5456 952-292-8383 Email
Shauna Malecha Contract Admin 952-746-5449   Email

Assistants Title Office Cell  
Patty O'Reilley Estimating Assistant 952-746-5464 952-292-8382


London Johnson Project Manager Assistant 952-746-5446  


Paving Division
Paving Division Title Office Cell  
Lance Guentzel Estimator/Project Mgr. 952-746-5453 952-292-8380 Email
John Anderson Estimator/Project Mgr. 952-746-5448 952-292-8458 Email
John Gothmann Estimator/Project Mgr. 952-746-5448 952-215-8597 Email

Excavating Division
Excavating Division Title Office Cell  
Jeremy Gylland Estimator/Project Mgr. 952-746-5459 952-292-8368


Tony Kaufhold Estimator/Project Mgr. 952-746-5461 952-292-8381 Email
Tyler Enright Estimator/Project Mgr. 952-746-5443 612-670-3368 Email

Utility Division
Utility Division Title Office Cell  
Grant Boisner Estimator/Project Mgr. 952-746-5460 952-292-8371 Email
Tyler Enright Estimator/Project Mgr. 952-746-5443 612-670-3368 Email